3-Letter Domains: A Game-Changer for Business Success

The last week on Profit was our best ever regarding the number of 3-letter domain sales to end-users.

We have long advocated that these “little beauties” can supercharge an existing brand or business.

What was interesting about the sale of ONN.com.au and ETB.com.au was that both purchasers wanted a package deal upfront i.e. they wanted the .au as well. We were able to oblige.

What are some of the benefits of 3-letter domains?

✅ Memorable Branding: Capture attention with short, unforgettable domain names.

✅ Gain a Competitive Edge: Stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impression.

✅ Enhanced Professionalism: Establish credibility and trust with a concise online identity.

✅ Better Email Address: Create easy email IDs. Staff and customers/clients will love them!

✅ Future-Proof Investment: Secure your business or brand’s digital success with a valuable asset.

Check out our listings

We have many 3-letter domains listed at Profit. There are easy search and filter functions.

For those of you who are after a wholesale bargain, we list around 8 x 3-letter domains each week at Jackpot.au. It is pot-luck, but domain names that are worth thousands can get sold for hundreds! Even if you don’t have use for one of these now, they can be fantastic investments.

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