A Gravity Defying Sale at Profit.com.au

The premium one-word domain Gravity.au was sold on the Profit aftermarket platform this week.

Congratulations to the buyer – he hit the “Buy It Now” button, and it was in his name within a couple of hours.

Yes – it is an .au domain. The com.au was not available – and, in addition, the buyer did not have an ABN or ACN that he wanted to use.

So he took advantage of the much easier eligibility requirements that come with .au – i.e. a registrant must establish that it has an Australian presence

Thanks to Shorty from Synergy Wholesale for his excellent service in assisting us to process a Citizen / Resident change of registrant. It was the first one we had performed.

You make your profit when you buy

This is our mantra at Profit. When you buy well, you lock that future profit in.

Buying well doesn’t just mean price (though that helps!) – it can mean obtaining a domain name that is unique or a category killer.

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