A “Try Before You Buy” Success Story

Last year, we promoted the opportunity to “try a domain name” before committing to a purchase.

We had noticed that some potential buyers were hesitant to commit to an investment . This was generally indicated by an initial “low-ball” offer!

So we decided to think outside the square and offer potential buyers a relatively risk-free way to prove up their ideas / projects before committing financial resources.

We got quite a few takers, and so today we have decided to highlight one of them.

The Goldilocks Story

We were approached to purchase Goldilocks.com.au by a couple of young entrepreneurs, but an outright purchase wasn’t feasible for them at that stage.

They wanted to create a site where customers could create an audio and visual record of someone’s life story.

“Give your loved ones the gift of legacy and let their unique voices shine. The Goldilocks process makes it simple for them to capture their life stories and transform them into a cherished keepsake”.

We suggested that they “try before they buy”, and negotiated a six month deal.

The mechanics of the deal:

  • We agreed on an end price should their idea work for them.
  • They paid an upfront deposit, and we set a finalisation date.
  • We changed nameservers for them so they could create their site.
  • At the end of the six month trial, they could either walk away – or confirm and settle the purchase.

Do You Want to Try Before You Buy?

  • Let us know what domain or domains you are interested in.
  • We lock in a price upfront, so if your 6 month trial period works out well, you have certainty.
  • We agree on an upfront deposit amount and send you an invoice.
  • You advise us which nameservers you would like to use, and we’ll put them in place for you.
  • You start doing your thing!
  • Near the end of 6 months, we’ll ask if you wish to proceed with an ultimate purchase or not.
  • If not, we’ll change the nameservers back to our control, and you have no further obligation.
  • If yes, we’ll send you an invoice for the agreed price.

** N.B. Please note all “try before you buy” agreements are subject to our approval.


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