A Very “Healthy” 3-Letter Domain Name Acquisition!

Late Friday, we completed a deal on the premium 3-letter domain imh.com.au.

This was listed on our Profit.com.au aftermarket site, and the purchaser was a major healthcare providerrepresented by their CIO.

They have the registered business name “Integrated Mental Health”, so it makes a lot of sense for them to have this short and powerful 3-letter domain.


The CIO hit the “Buy It Now” button, and things moved reasonably quickly.

We had some initial logistical issues with payment, but with some perseverance and goodwill on both sides, we managed to get the deal done.

The domain name was fast-transferred on Friday evening from Synergy Wholesale to GoDaddy, and there is already an interim page up and running.

Congratulations to the buyer – I wish them great online success. And thank you to the CIO who was wonderful to deal with.


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