Join Our Affiliate Program

Earn extra passive income by spreading the magic of Profit! 

  • 10% commission on any sale made through your unique affiliate link.
  • 90 day window for customers to purchase a domain after clicking your affiliate link.

To join our affiliate program:

  • Create an account with Profit. If you are placing an order, you can set this up at checkout, or you can create an account here.
  • Register as an affiliate by submitting a brief registration form. This is purely so that we can verify that you are a real person and potential affiliate, which is why only your name and the comments box are compulsory fields – just tell us a bit about how you plan to share your affiliate link.
  • You will also need a PayPal account, as any commission will be paid out to your chosen PayPal email address.

Once your application is approved, you will have full access to our affiliate program. This will enable to you to view stats and analytics on your performance as an affiliate, and you will also have a unique link provided for you to share with others – you can also edit this link to use your name or business name as the extension.

Setting Up Your Referral Link

  1. From the Affiliate dashboard, select the Profile tab.
  2. Click on your referral URL to copy it. 
  3. Create a custom referral link by adding your name / business name / desired phrase into the Referral URL Generator. The Referral URL box below the URL generator will update in realtime – click on the updated URL to copy.

Your standard referral URL ( will continue to work even if you create a custom link.


Any purchase made using your referral link will award you with 10% commission on the sale. You can view any commission earned in the affiliate section of your account area. From this area you can also view:

  • Domains sold that you have earned commission on – how much the total sale was, as well as your share of the commission.
  • The customers who used your referral code – helpful data for those sharing codes via social media etc.
  • A history of all payouts that have been made to your PayPal account.

If you have any further questions about our affiliate program, please contact us.