Another Business Chooses the .au Route

Yesterday we sold yet another 3-letter .au domain to a small business based in Queensland.

Island Body Works based in Bribie Island acquired from us. We congratulate and wish them well with the shorter domain name.

This seems like it was definitely a price point decision given that we also have for sale on our platform. The .au went for less than half our asking price of the premium

Opportunity presents itself

According to the ABR lookup, there are a number of other businesses that use “IBW”. Here is a sample:

To me, I look at the positive side of what the new .au offers – particularly in relation to 3-letter domains. And that is the opportunity for two different businesses to have a short domain name with the same primary letters.

If you’re in different industries e.g. panel beating or accounting – then there should be no confusion or loss of traffic.

In my opinion, if you can’t get the premium for whatever reason, then the .au is definitely the next best option.


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