Best Of Both Worlds!

We’ve sold many premium 3 letter domains – their popularity and value keep increasing year by year.

Recently auDA introduced .au domains – they seem to appeal to people and businesses for different reasons.

  • They can’t acquire the because it is already taken, or is priced beyond their budget; or
  • Brand protection – they already have the and don’t want to allow possible competition or confusion.

Best of both worlds

One of our recent sales on Profit was what we describe as a buyer having “the best of both worlds”.

They acquired both the and .au.

When this opportunity is available at a reasonable package price, it is a good strategic decision.

We thank and congratulate John Martin for his acquisition of both and

The purchase also highlights the beauty and power of short domains. It’s an absolute no-brainer to have “VCP” instead of “Volcano Construction Products”. One of the many benefits will be email!

Looking for a 3L domain name?

We currently have a selection of over 2000 x 3L domains on Profit. Easy search function available.


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