Building an Affiliate Website on

For many years some of our better domain names have just been “parked” with a “for sale banner”.

But with parking revenues way down on what they used to be, Luke and I have decided to build out some of our better domain names. To give credit where credit is due, Luke is the design guru!

One of these valuable names is

We have had this domain for many years. In fact, we actually lodged a trademark for it back in 2016 (accepted in 2017).


Monetisation strategy

One of the keys to any successful affiliate monetisation is to have an attractive site with loads of relevant content – including engaging and informative blog articles.

Beginning is winning – and we’ve just begun.

We intend to do:

  • Product Reviews: Unbiased reviews showcasing the latest escooters, scooters, and skating gear are a goldmine. We’ll try and help our readers make informed decisions by highlighting features and benefits of what’s on the market.
  • Buying Guides: For potential buyers confused about choosing the right scooter or skateboard, we’ll craft informative buying guides that consider factors like budget, skill level, and riding style.
  • How to articles: Offer readers tutorials on everything from mastering basic scooter and skateboarding skills to advanced maintenance tips.

Then we intersperse the site and our articles with relevant links from affiliate partners.

We’ve already started earning income – we had a great month in April! It’s so exciting when you get a payment that far exceeds a whole year of parking revenue.

Of course, the best form of monetisation of any domain name is to ultimately sell it. But first, we are going to add value.

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