Daily Auctions Are Back On Jackpot.au!

Thanks to the additional sign-ups we received, Jackpot is now live again, with the first auctions ending on Monday.

We appreciate all the suggestions and good wishes we have received. Thank you so much. With your support, our daily domain name auctions will be a win/win.

Key Changes

  • Unlike before, we will only be loading one day’s auctions at a time. New auctions are available at 1 pm each day.
  • 8 auctions every weekday – 6 x com.au domains, and 2 x .au.
  • Two formats now – logos plus a list with stats – e.g. search, CPC etc. You can bid on either.
  • Closing time is now 11.15 am (plus one period of 5 minutes extra if there are last-minute bids).
  • Credit cards will not be automatically debited on the day – invoices will be sent.
  • Increments have been changed to $25 on .au domains – they remain at $50 for com au.
  • The very popular auto-bidding feature remains. If you haven’t tried it, you should.
  • There are generous “Buy Now” options on each domain. Don’t take the risk of a bidding frenzy!
  • We also have initiated an optional SMS alert. This allows you to receive a text when the 8 new domains are listed.

Opt-In For Daily SMS Alerts

For those that haven’t joined as yet

  • Most people love bargains – and it’s great to have some sort of competition to the daily drops.
  • It’s free – you don’t need a credit card to sign up. It’s only required if you want to make a bid. And we don’t keep that info – it goes straight to Stripe.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.

So why not join now? Click the link below – it’s simple and easy.

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