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Website development is currently in progress

At, we don’t just sell buy and sell domain names.

We now actively look to develop some of our amazing domains. You can read a recent article we wrote on the development of

Sometimes, we do it with partners – people or organisations that can add value for a win/win outcome.

One of our new projects is

We are fortunate enough to have also acquired the dot com domain, so our reach can be global.

Luke already has a “bare-bones” site up which we are adding to every day.

Why Frequent Flyer Points?

In Australia – and around the world – millions of people reap the rewards of frequent flyer points.

And there are millions that don’t – or are unaware of how to do it properly.

In developing, we realised that there are already quite a few Australian and international websites in the “frequent flyer” space, but we’re not afraid of a good challenge – particularly with such a great domain name as ours! It says what it is!

Some of the standout sites that we looked at include:

  • The Champagne Mile
  • Point Hacks 
  • The Points Guy 
  • – aka “The Points Whisperer”

By drawing inspiration from these and other leading platforms, will provide Australian frequent flyers with a user-friendly and informative experience.

Want to partner with us?

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There are lots of opportunities available – from advertising through to partial or full ownership.

You can contact Ned via email or LinkedIn.

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