Get Rich From The P.I.T.C.H – Insights and Strategies

This is simply a wonderful article to write.

My good friend Nic Murdoch has written a book about how to “Master the Art of Turning Inventions Into Cash”! And it is already on the bestseller lists on Amazon.

It is aptly titled “Get Rich from the P.I.T.C.H.”

Nic and I have known each other for around 8 years, and this is the classic example where a business relationship has also turned into a wonderful friendship.

What a great photo below!

Nic’s Background

She has achieved so many qualifications that it leaves me gobsmacked when I refresh my memory!

Nic is a leading Intellectual Property Lawyer and Principal of Eaglegate Lawyers. Eaglegate is based in Brisbane but services Australia.

But wait – that’s not all! She also has a degree in Electrical Engineering, holds a Masters of Industrial Property, and is a registered Australian Trade Marks Attorney.

She has also represented many clients (including myself) when it comes to protecting valuable domain names.

In addition, Nic served as an Elected Director of auDA – Australia’s Domain Name Regulator.

Her Book

I am putting my money where my mouth is here, and so have just purchased a Kindle copy on Amazon. I am so looking forward to reading it.

If you would like a copy, you can search Amazon yourself – or here is a direct link to purchase either a Kindle copy or a Paperback version.

Well done Nic!

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