Grab a Bargain at our Domain Auctions!

We will be commencing a one-week live trial of our daily domain auctions on Monday 12th December 2022.

Rather than use Profit, we are using a standalone platform – That is not a misprint – we acquired this short domain during the recent .au land-rush auctions.

Why “Jackpot”? Simple – buyers will be well and truly “hitting the jackpot” at these low prices!

Most of the domains are from our own portfolio accumulated over nearly twenty years.

There will be just three domains per day on offer – starting bid is just $100, and there is no reserve.

If you see a domain that is on later in the week, there is nothing to stop you from getting in an early bid (and grabbing the lower price).

The early bird will catch the worm – particularly in the early days as there will be a lesser number of bidders.

Key Points

  • Starting price is just $100 on every domain.
  • Absolutely no reserve – we take the risk!
  • Bidding increments are just $200.
  • Transparent bids – see “nickname” of bidders.
  • Email status notifications – auction page also updates automatically.
  • Every domain will also have a “Buy it Now” price.
  • Winning Bids – price includes GST and Change of Registrant fee.
  • No joining fee – but Stripe will verify your credit card details during the simple sign-up process.

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