Hitting The Jackpot

Our new auction marketplace at Jackpot is getting increased interest each day. And so it should!

Particularly as more and more people learn about some of the crazy low prices that Aussie domain names are selling for.

Jackpot is effectively our wholesale platform. Every weekday, we auction off 6 domain names – prices start at $50 – and there is absolutely no reserve.

We take the risk – our clients get the bargains.

Another awesome domain sold

Yesterday, the most popular domain on Jackpot was the premium 2-letter MN.com.

If this was selling at a retail price, it would definitely have gone for a good 5 figure sum. Instead, it went for low 4 figures. Congratulations to our purchaser – and thank you to our other bidders.

Check out some previous sales on Jackpot

If you want to see a small selection of the domains that have sold on Jackpot, you can do so here.

Jackpot is free to join – so if you haven’t done so yet, why not have a look for yourself? New domain listings are added each Friday evening.