How Is This For A Testimonial!

Over the many years I have been in the domain name business, I have received a number of thank you’s. Some of these I have used as testimonials – with permission of course.

Sometimes I ask for testimonials to highlight other people’s experiences on our platforms like Profit and Jackpot.

But this testimonial below blew me away with its generosity! Importantly, it was not sought – it was sent to me out of the blue.

So here is Juliet Jordan – CEO of The Voice Business – in her own words and voice!

Thank you Juliet.


Here’s the Audio!


Damn fine work!

I signed up for Ned O’Meara’s domain investor course in January 2023 with great excitement.

Ned has been a renowned domain investor in the Australian domain space for many, many years now. He has a glowing track record of finding fantastic domain names for corporations and individuals to help them level up their web presence in Australia.

He has now got two wonderful websites that you must visit. One is called and the other called Both these websites offer domain investors in the Australian market and the overseas market who know that Australia is a great place to invest in, a wonderful resource to find some of the best domain names available.

Our company has been an investor in domain names for many years now, primarily to protect and publicise our brand. However, when wanting to divest ourselves of some domain names no longer needed, we have always been challenged by how to successfully price them. The marketplace is in constant flux. Particularly now that people are beginning to realise how important domain names are to the recognition and expansion of their business and brand.

Obviously, if you’re in the international market, is the way to go. However other domain name extensions are really catching up. If you are in the Australian market you will create much more trust if you have a or a .au domain name.

Most people are aware of To acquire au you need to have a legitimate corporate enterprise, business name, or trademark etc which has stopped many people from getting the domain name they desire. With the introduction of domain name extension, domains are now open to the general public to register. Not many people really know about this yet. This is where Ned’s site comes into play.

You need to visit to get an idea of some excellent names that are available for purchase at very competitive prices. He has been investing in them for many years with the view of sometimes selling them to people who really need them. Now is the time to have a look to see if your name is available.

Ned has a philosophy that “you make your profit when you buy”…so don’t waste time indecisively twiddling your thumbs…go out and get your ideal name and add value on top of it. Build your site, upgrade your Brand and protect your ideas. You’ll be glad you did.

Domain names are not going to go away in the near future, even though there are major developments with chatGPT and AI, changing the way, people are searching for things. We still need a location indicator to find a place and service. This is where domain names come in. They are like real estate. They are markers in the invisible world of the Internet that help to make solid a place to visit. Think of the address of your house or apartment on the street.

I would like to thank Ned for going above and beyond in helping us with our particular challenges in the domain name industry and basically paying it forward. Considering we have lots of really great clients in the corporate sector, I’m sure we will be able to return the favour.

All the best and happy investing.

Juliet Jordan
The Voice Business


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