Losing a Valuable Domain Name Can Be Very Painful

There is a story developing around a valuable domain name that was not renewed in time (no 3rd party complaint), and which will be purged from the registry today.

I just want to deal with the first part of this situation today – because the second part to the story wouldn’t occur if the domain had been renewed.

I know the registrant involved (we spoke yesterday and today), and I feel very gutted for him. He is the registrant of many valuable domains, and in all my dealings with him, he has proved to be a decent man. For this reason, I spoke with auDA and others to see if I could assist him, but unfortunately, it was too late in the purge cycle.

But the simple fact is – for whatever reason – he is ultimately responsible for managing his renewals. And, as painful as the situation may be, he understands that.


Having lost some domains myself over the years, I can recommend the following simple steps to avoid this situation:

  • Keep your own inventory of domains (complete with relevant information like expiry dates),
  • Be responsible for your own destiny by updating the above regularly,
  • Try and keep your domains at one or two registrars only,
  • Log into your accounts regularly and check what is expiring and when,
  • When you do your renewals, make sure you get a confirmation email from the registrar,
  • If you don’t get a renewal email, contact the registrar urgently and get the situation fixed. Create an email trail.
  • And this is a big one – make sure your registrant contact email address is working!

The second part to this story

I’m hoping that there may still be an 11th hour happy ending to this unfortunate event.

Time will tell – and I will report the outcome whichever way it goes.

But I do reiterate my second paragraph – this situation wouldn’t have arisen had the domain been renewed.

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