Love These Broker Direct Sales!

Apart from getting sales via the Profit aftermarket, occasionally I get offers from professional overseas based brokers representing buyers who choose not to deal directly.

These buyers are generally always serious given that they have engaged services like CSC (Corporation Service Company) and GoDaddy Domain Broker Service to act on their behalf.

Overseas brokers also understand the true value of good Aussie domains – so negotiating a fair price is possible. And they pay in USD.

Two recent sales

  • (acquired by Bain International Inc)

I was approached by the very professional Dave Thomas from CSC in the UK. I’ve dealt with Dave before, and so the process was reasonably quick and easy. The only slight time delay was because we used Escrow. As it was a 5 figure sale to a major corporate, this was understandable.

  • (acquired by Integrate AV)

Over the years, I’ve had many sales introduced by GoDaddy’s Broker service. This time I dealt with William Nelson, and after a bit of “argie-bargie” on the price, we arrived at a fair deal. I was paid inside a week which is good. Thanks William.

The only footnote that I would add is that GoDaddy still don’t do a Change of Registrant as part of the process. Whilst the email address has been changed, the entity has not! I have lost track of the number of times I have written about this over the years.