O Solo Mio – Another Valuable Short Domain Sells

For many years, I have banged on about the value of 3-letter domains. They are like gold nuggets – every one of them is unique and valuable.

We have already sold three this week on Profit – and have a couple in the pipeline.

If a brand or business name comprises three words, then I believe it is imperative for them to secure a 3-letter domain. I extoll the many benefits in this previous article!

One of our latest sales is mio.com.au. This wasn’t bought on Profit – we had an approach from the GoDaddy brokerage service on behalf of their client. I always like dealing with the GoDaddy sales team – they are very professional. So I say thank you to them (and in particular Matt F).

As an investment

Some people buy number plates, NFT’s or other collectables.

In my opinion – and I have proven this over 17 years – 3-letter domain names offer the best ROI (return on investment) I have ever seen. And there is definite demand.

Have a look at our Profit marketplace to see the huge selection on offer.

And then, if you want a wholesale bargain, head over to our auction marketplace Jackpot.au. Every weekday, we have two 3-letter domains on offer very cheaply!


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