Over 2 Million .au Domain Names Soon To Be Released

For those that have been hanging out to register a special .au domain – or maybe lots of them – the waiting time is almost over.

According to industry sources, over 2,000,000 .au domain names are eligible for registration at 8:00AM AEDT on Tuesday 4 October 2022. This deadline and other information is available on the auDA website here.

The land-rush has already started though

  • Lots of .au domains have already been acquired by registrants that had priority by virtue of having an eligible exact match domain.
  • Some registrars are offering pre-registration or “catching” services for those domains that haven’t been claimed under priority

Here is the brutal reality

  • Most of the most popular and valuable domains that will become available on Tuesday morning will be picked up by Drop.com.au. They are the only registrar in Australia with drop-catching software that will beat almost anyone to the punch (all things being equal). They have been taking orders for a couple of days.
  • Other registrars and resellers have also been taking orders for a while now, but if the name is contested on Drop, then it is unlikely these other registrars / resellers will prevail. Not saying it is impossible – even rank outsiders occasionally win the Melbourne Cup!
  • If you think you can log on to your favourite registrar on Tuesday morning and register a popular or sought after name, then good luck to you.
  • However, if it is a name that many others wouldn’t be chasing, then your chances of registering the domain are greatly improved.

If you want to pre-order

You need to do this in the next few days. But the quicker you get in, the more chance you have.

Here are the best places to try in my opinion:

1. Drop.com.au – they are running an auction, and you can place bids at various levels. Minimum price is $10; or you can lockout a domain at the top level of $50,000. They have a list of the top 200,000 domains that registered customers can download and sift through. A good explainer is on DNTrade (this forum is associated with Drop).


    • Because of their drop-catching software and number of direct connections to the registry, they will win the lions share of dropping domains.
    • Success based – no catch – no fee.


    • They have price levels that almost double up, so it could become expensive to snare the best domains if there are multiple bids.

2. Synergy Wholesale – they offer pre-orders at a $24.95 fixed price. Payable up-front, but fully refundable if they are unsuccessful.


    • They take only one order per name. They also have registry connections, So if you are lucky enough to get in first, you have a chance.


    • No bulk ordering. One at a time it is. Groan.

3. VentraIP – the retail partner of Synergy Wholesale. Ditto everything about Synergy except the pricing which is $29.95.

4. DropCatcher they are also running an auction. Minimum bid $15. No upfront payment.


    • Increments are much more moderately priced compared to Drop. Very transparent website. No win; no fee.
    • Ability to bulk upload your wish-list on request.


    • Unfortunately, their registrar application was delayed / declined / stymied by auDA (having been in the system for over 18 months), so they do not have registry connections. They operate as a reseller. This unfortunately will impede their success rate greatly, but they will still catch some domains.

5. Others – many registrars like GoDaddy, Crazy Domains and others offer similar pre-order services at various price points.


If you decide you want an .au domain or two, cover your bases by putting in an order at as many places as you can – particularly if it costs you nothing, or there is a guaranteed refund for non-success.

Good luck!