– The Untold Story

It’s been ten years since I sold the premium geographic domain name The sale price has never been officially disclosed until now. Time really does fly!

Reflecting on those days, being a domain investor back then was a lot different than it is today. The governing rules and policies set by auDA were significantly more stringent. However, as long as you understood them i.e. how to play the game, it was still possible to make a good living.

In a Nutshell

  1. The domain name was one of many that were auctioned off by auDA back in 2005. In fact, according to this article, the then CEO of auDA said that was “the most popular commercial geographic domain in the country”!
  2. In 2012 / 2013, Fairfax through its various entities began a massive selloff of domain names they had acquired. For a serious domain investor like myself, these were exciting times. Over 18 months, I purchased a significant number of domains at what I considered to be bargain basement prices. Fortunately, I was able to onsell the majority of them over the next few years. To this day I have people thanking me for some of the deals they got!
  3. One of my last purchases from them was After a lot of haggling, I got it at a price that enabled me to do a quick “flip” to an end-user that I had dealt with previously. That sale price was $75,000 – the buyer got an absolute bargain, and I still made a decent margin.
  4. The same buyer still has the domain today, however, currently, it is just a parking page.

Are you a buyer or a seller?

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If you’re looking to sell, then we’d welcome your call or email. There is significant demand for premium names if they are priced right. Absolute confidentiality is assured.

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