Port of Newcastle Acquires Premium 3-Letter Domain

Sorry for the lack of articles in recent times, but my wife and I were in Queenstown, New Zealand to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. As a special bonus, our two adult sons came along for the ride as well. Happy times!

That said, Profit kept ringing up the sales whilst we were away. It’s great when you have an established transparent domain name marketplace that is so user-friendly.

Once again, the majority of the sales have been 3-letter domains. These are such “amazing beasts” in the right hands.

Users particularly love the ability to shorten their email addresses for clients/customers!


The IT Manager for the Port of Newcastle visited Profit.com.au last week and hit the “Buy Now” button on this premium domain name.

This is the perfect example of a 3-letter domain that is “so fit for purpose”.

Congratulations to their organisation – we wish them great online success.

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