Sells Yet Another 3-Letter .au Domain

Most good 3-letter domains were acquired long ago, and their aftermarket resale value can be substantial.

Businesses that can’t acquire a short domain name that matches their branding or business idea because it is already in use or the price seems prohibitive are now able to look to see whether the new short .au domain is available.

Our Profit marketplace has many hundreds of these new 3-letter .au domains available at very reasonable prices.

We were made an offer on this domain by a Senior Account Manager from Melbourne IT Corporate (Grant M), After some brief back and forth, a deal was done, and the transaction went through yesterday.

Thank you to Grant – and congratulations to your client. You negotiated them a great deal.

Seeking the perfect domain name?

Have a look at the vast selection of Aussie domains that are available at We are Australia’s domain name aftermarket.

Transparency is important to us, so every domain is priced. That doesn’t stop you from making a reasonable offer though – this option is always available.

We can also offer payment plans to accommodate any cash flow issues.

If you’re still searching for something specific and can’t find it, please let us know. There is always a possibility that we could aid you in your search.

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