Profiting From Your Domain Names – Parking Income

Domain names have lots in common with real estate – whether it be a home to live in yourself, or an investment property (residential or commercial).

With an investment property, buyers look to get an immediate return through renting or leasing. Then, down the track, they get an offer they can’t say no to, and so they sell. Assuming that they bought well in the first place, their profit should be virtually guaranteed.

With domain names, the principle is similar – though the terminology is slightly different. And the ROI (return on investment) is mind blowing compared to bricks and mortar real estate.

Instead of renting or leasing, we look at generating “parking” income until such time as we sell. This is also referred to as “domain monetisation”. There are a number of parking platforms where you can list your domain and hope that it gets sufficient traffic to generate a small regular income. In addition, you can also choose to put a “for sale” or enquiry banner on your listing. Then one day, hopefully you get an offer you can’t refuse.

Rinse and repeat!

How does the new .au extension fare?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Many of my .au domains have started earning regular income.

Number one on the earning scale is Claim.aubest day so far has been $16.42.

Other notable ones are:

Coming soon

In a future article, we will look at how to make a profit from selling your domain names.


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