Real Estate Domain Names: A Key to Succeeding in Competitive Markets

We’ve recently sold these couple of “real estate domains” to agents that are going to use them.

Imagine being a real estate agent who harnesses the full potential of technology for property marketing in Australia.

Yes, there are agents already making the most of this, and guess what? They’re reaping significant benefits!

However, many are yet to tap into this potential or are not utilising it to its maximum capability.

In the fast-paced, dynamic arena of real estate, competition is fierce

Wondering how to seize the digital marketing edge over your competitors? Here are some strategies to consider:

  • At the very least, secure a real estate domain that corresponds to your geographical area of operation, be it a suburb, town or city. You needn’t build a new website – simply redirect the domain to your existing agency site. Imagine having the exact match domain instead of your competitor. It’s a compelling advantage to showcase during listing presentations.
  • A more ambitious move up the digital investment rung would be to acquire the actual domain name of your suburb, town or city. Consider it an investment, not an expense – top-notch geographic domain names are coveted due to their boundless potential.
  • Should you remain uncertain about investing in a geographical domain name, bear this in mind: the commission from a single sale, generated by a potential client typing in the exact match domain and being directed to your agency’s website, can offset the cost of the domain multiple times!

Make it happen!

Congratulations to the purchasers of and You have begun to “make it happen” with these smart acquisitions.

If you are a real estate professional looking for a domain name that would suit your “real estate” business, then please check out our listings at Profit.

One final thought

When tossing up whether to buy a domain name, ask yourself this question. “Would I want my competitor to have that domain instead of me?”

The answer to that should be very simple!

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