Say “Aloha” to a Perfect Domain Name!

We’ve been having some nice sales at, but the recent acquisition of stands out to me.

Most people know that is king in Australia, but there are times when it makes perfect sense to acquire the .au.

One of those occasions is when the is probably never going to be available.

Such is the case when it comes to This is an active site belonging to Aloha Surfboards. According to their website, they have been in business since 1978.

Last week we received a call from Jason at Aloha Accommodation. Their family-run holiday rental business is currently using, and they wanted to get a “shorter” name. We had for sale on Profit.

After a very pleasant chat, a deal was quickly struck.

The sale was processed through our online checkout, and the domain was in their name within a couple of hours!

I wish them great online success.

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