Short Domains, Big Impact: A Wise Investment

Short domain names are a game-changer in the world of online business.

They are the gold standard for establishing a strong online presence and can make a world of difference for your brand.

If your business name or brand has three words, then a 3-letter domain is absolutely essential.

The benefits are plenty – but here are a few!

  • Short domain names are easy to remember, making them a powerful tool for building brand recognition.
  • They offer a unique branding opportunity and can help establish a strong online identity.
  • Short domains are highly sought after and can increase the perceived value of your business.
  • They are a valuable asset that can appreciate over time – and provide a wise investment in your business’s future.
  • They offer simplicity and convenience with short email addresses that your staff and clients will appreciate.
  • Short domains are always resalable, providing endless potential for monetisation or profit.

Some actual sales

We have a link on Profit to some of the top domain sales made in recent times.

Good 3L domains generally sell between $5000 and $30,000 – with some exceptions both higher and lower.

Here are a few examples of prices that we are permitted to show (many sales are subject to confidentiality):

πŸ”ΉPAY com au – $168,000

πŸ”ΉCPA com au – $50,000

πŸ”ΉORE com au – $31,000

πŸ”ΉFFI com au – $30,000

πŸ”ΉVAS com au – $21,666

πŸ”ΉASH com au – $17,600

πŸ”ΉRFM com au – $17,000

πŸ”ΉBRE com au – $16,500

πŸ”ΉIMH com au – $8,865

πŸ”ΉYHR com au – $7,700

πŸ”ΉPSV com au – $6,850

Please check out our aftermarket

At Profit, we have one of theΒ largest ranges of 3L domains for sale – both and .au. An easy search function is available.

πŸ”ΉOur prices are more than competitive – though we will also consider all reasonable offers.

πŸ”ΉIf cash flow is an issue, then we can also offer extended payment plans on domain names (subject to approval). Domains must stay at our registrar until fully paid for, but we are happy to change nameservers immediately so you can use the domain name.


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