Significant .au Domain Sale on

Yesterday the premium domain name was sold at Profit.

Whilst the sale price is confidential, suffice it to say it is the highest-priced .au domain name we have sold so far.

That said, the purchaser got an absolute bargain. Congratulations to them on an astute purchase.

If this was the, I believe it would have gone for 6 figures.

(Interestingly, I sold the to iSelect many years ago).

Category Killers

There is no question that in Australia “” is “King”.

But if you can get a “category killer” in the shorter “dot au” extension at a reasonable price, then my advice is to grab it while you can.

Some of them definitely get traffic, so developing them can have benefits.

If you are a domain investor, there are definitely buyers out there at a lower price point.

Check out our “dot au” listings here.

Want to sell?

We are always on the lookout for quality, well-priced domains to list on Profit.

Our motto at Profit is that “you make your profit when you buy”, so if your asking price leaves something in it for our clients, then here is a chance for you to cash in.

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