How “Stevie” Upgraded Their Brand!

At, our mantra is very simple – “You make your profit when you buy”. A perfect example of this happened last with one of our new clients – “Stevie”. They are a relatively new startup in the recruitment industry based in Melbourne, and they have been using the domain name Their CEO and […]

The Power of a 3 Letter Domain Name

One of our recent clients on purchased a 3L (three letter) domain from us – and without prompting, they told us us why. “Thank you for providing this domain. It will assist our company greatly! At the moment our full name is quite long for emails!” When you consider that their company name is […]

Why Competition Is Good!

Most of the domains that I have purchased over the years have been on the “expired domain auctions”. Back in the good old days, there were 3 drop-catchers competing with each other. All had different methods of operation. The wise thing to do was cover yourself and bid on all three platforms. Occasionally you would […]

How About A Fair Go auDA?

This is an article based on what I posted on LinkedIn today. I have always been a believer in the concept of giving and getting a “fair go”. My other “big thing” is competition. I believe that competition brings out the best in any marketplace whatever industry they may be in. The premise of […]