You make your profit when you buy.


Towards the end of May 2022, we will be commencing our daily domain auctions. Initially there will be just three domains per day – this will increase when we are sure everything is working properly!

It will be a great opportunity to pick up some real bargains – particularly in the early days when there will be a lesser number of bidders.

Key Points

  • Starting price just $100 on every domain.
  • Absolutely no reserve – we take the risk!
  • Similar system to other popular drop catchers with incremental stepped bids (though more flexible steps).
  • Transparent bids – see “nickname” of bidders.
  • Every domain will also have a “Buy it Now” price – this allows certainty.
  • Winning Bids – price includes GST and Change of Registrant fee.
  • Joining fee is $25 – this tells us people are real. But you get this refunded on your first purchase.

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