Some Interesting Domain Name Sales Statistics

This morning I read with interest some global domain sales statistics provided by InterNetX and Sedo.

For those not in the know, Sedo describes itself as “the worlds leading platform for domain buyers and sellers” – though I’m sure GoDaddy would have something to say about that.

Key Takeaway

Apparently around 74% of their sales last year were “buy it now” transactions – “BIN”. In other words, buyers accepted the online price and proceeded with the purchase (rather than trying to negotiate a cheaper deal).

It is important to take into account that their marketplace caters for the buying and selling of dot com and many other top-level and country-code domain names. Their worldwide customer base is huge (compared to Australia).

The psychology of the “BIN”  is interesting to me. Does it have something to do with FOMO – the fear of missing out? i.e. a premium domain name could well have simultaneous interest from more than one prospective buyer.

Meanwhile back in Australia

Our domain name aftermarket is nearly 12 months old, and we are going from strength to strength as more and more people find out about us.

We currently have around 10,000 listings at Profit – and growing.

Compared to Sedo, our BIN (buy it now) transactions currently sit at just over 20% – though that percentage is gradually increasing. It appears Aussies like trying to negotiate a better deal. 🙂

What prospective buyers need to remember is that even in Australia there is probably more than one buyer for the domain that you have your eyes on!

Our mantra at Profit is that all our listings are priced to “leave something in it for the buyer”.


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