Sometimes Auctions Bring Things To a Head

One of the last sales we made via Jackpot was What a great one-word domain name!

This was acquired by the registrant of the – they held joint priority for the .au. It was therefore very much in their interests to acquire the because they would then be solely entitled to the shorter .au.

They had made a few offers to us in the past, but we never had a meeting of the minds or the timing just wasn’t right.

So we decided to put it on auction at Jackpot, and as with most one-worders, there was interest and bids from domain investors.

This spurred the investors to negotiate a “Buy Now” price with us in order to “take it off the market” a couple of hours before close.

Congratulations to them – they got an absolute bargain with some added value by virtue of the .au.

This platform is closed for the immediate future whilst we re-evaluate strategy.

We certainly hope to be back!

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