Spun.com.au Sells on Profit.com.au

We are thrilled to have sold the premium 4-letter domain name Spun.com.au for one of our clients.

The successful ingredients for a sale and acquisition of a domain name are when both the buyer and seller end up happy. And they are!

With its short and memorable name, Spun.com.au will help the buyer establish a strong online presence for their new car rental business.

They liked the logo so much on our sales page that they asked to use it for their website. (Well done to Luke’s creative skills).

The sale of Spun.com.au underscores the growing demand for premium Australian domain names, with investors and entrepreneurs recognising the value of investing in a strong, memorable domain.

As Australia’s leading domain name aftermarket, Profit.com.au continues to connect buyers and sellers on a daily basis. In fact, we’ve had one of our best weeks ever!

Are you a buyer or a seller?

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