The Potential for Profit is as Close as your TV!

As a cricket tragic, I recently watched the World Test Championship Final between Australia and India.

The action was on a commercial channel, so TV ads were part and parcel of the experience.

One such ad was for bladder control and incontinence. The company behind the product must have had a large budget because their ads kept playing over and over.

So being a “domainer”, my first thought was that the exact match domain must have been taken, so let me check if the .au was registered. It was. Bugger!

Then, on a whim, I checked the to see if it was the same company.

Guess what! was NOT registered. I could not believe it – they only had the .au.

So of course, I grabbed my phone and hand-registered it at Synergy Wholesale!

Moral to the story

Never assume that a domain name may be taken.

Opportunities are everywhere – you just have to be aware, and then take action.