The Power of a 3 Letter Domain Name

One of our recent clients on purchased a 3L (three letter) domain from us – and without prompting, they told us us why.

“Thank you for providing this domain. It will assist our company greatly! At the moment our full name is quite long for emails!”

When you consider that their company name is “WESTRALIAN DIAMOND DRILLERS PTY LTD”, and their current domain name is, it makes sense for them to upgrade to

That is changing from 25 letters to just 3. An absolute no-brainer.

In my long experience of selling 3L domains, this would have to be one of the biggest factors in a decision to “go short”. (Obviously you have to have a business name or brand that can accommodate this).

Some recent sales evidence

Good 3L domains generally sell between $5000 and $30,000 – with some exceptions both higher and lower. Here are a few examples:

  • PAY com au – $168k
  • ORE com au – $31k
  • FFI com au – $30k
  • VAS com au – $21,666
  • RFM com au – $17k
  • BRE com au – $16,500

Why are they so valuable?

The main value is in their uniqueness. e.g. there will only ever be one WDD com au.

Once a name has been acquired, it is unlikely to come back on the market again. And if it does, the price will invariably be higher.

Based on simple “supply and demand”, these short domains are never going to be cheaper than they are now. In my opinion, businesses that invest today will reap the rewards.


  • They are an investment in your business future.
  • So easy to remember.
  • Help you stand out from your competition.
  • Offer brand recognition and legitimacy
  • Your staff and clients will love the short and memorable email addresses.
  • Like a good house on the best street, they are always resalable.
  • Our 3 letter domains are so cheap compared to a dot com. These can easily sell for 6 figures!

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