The Reason Short Domains Are Valuable

In the online world, a short and memorable domain name can be absolute gold. Most businesses (big and small) are aware of this.

Over many years in the Australian domain name industry, the majority of my sales (by far and away) have been 3-letter domain names. These are sometimes referred to as 3L or LLL domains.

If you have a three-word business name or brand, then a 3-letter domain is simply essential.

Many businesses have already made the change. They have either redirected the short domain to their existing website – or vice versa.

What are some of the benefits?

🔹So easy to remember

🔹Your staff and clients will love the short email addresses

🔹Great branding opportunity – very unique

🔹They are an investment in your business future – not a cost

🔹Values are increasing

🔹Like a good house on the best street, they are always resalable

Some sales evidence

Good 3L domains generally sell between $5000 and $30,000 – with some exceptions both higher and lower. Here are a few examples:

🔹PAY com au – $168,000

🔹CPA com au – $50,000

🔹ORE com au – $31,000

🔹FFI com au – $30,000

🔹VAS com au – $21,666

🔹ASH com au – $17,600

🔹RFM com au – $17,000

🔹BRE com au – $16,500

🔹YHR com au – $7,700

🔹PSV com au – $6,850

Then there are the newly introduced .au 3L domains.

We are starting to sell quite a few of these with prices ranging between $1500 and $4500. They are a perfect alternative when the is either not available, or is priced beyond budget.

One such example of this is the domain name – we wrote this story about the sale.

Please check out our aftermarket

At Profit, we have one of the biggest ranges of 3L domains for sale – both and .au. An easy search function is available.

🔹Our prices are more than competitive – though we will also consider all reasonable offers.

🔹If cash flow is an issue, then we can also offer extended payment plans on domain names (subject to approval). Domains must stay at our registrar until fully paid for, but we are happy to change nameservers immediately so you can use the domain name.


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