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More and more people are starting to use our wholesale auction marketplace at Jackpot. And are they getting some bargains!

Every weekday, we auction off eight domains – opening bids are from as little as $50, and there is no reserve price.

By Request

A couple of weeks ago, we put an incredible offer out in our newsletter. This said that if you’ve seen a domain at Profit (our premium marketplace) that you really covet – but want the chance to get it at a wholesale price at Jackpot, let us know.

We got quite a few suggestions! One of these was

Congratulations to Nick Smith – and good on him for asking. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

There was some spirited bidding but Nick still managed to acquire this premium domain way below its value. He was very happy.

Want to try your luck?

You too can request an auction. We may not agree – but then again, we just might!

If you’re not already a free member, sign up quickly here or below, and put your request in.

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We wish you all happy and successful bidding.

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