This Domain Name is a “Prescription” For Success!

We love selling domain names, so it gives us a special thrill when we take on an assignment for a client and get a quick result. Such was the case with the premium domain name

After some quick prospecting via the Australian Business Register and LinkedIn, we sent out eight targeted messages and got some immediate interest.

Congratulations to Zipporah French and her team from Prescribe Practice Management for acquiring this simply perfect domain name. They currently use This “shortener” is an absolute “no-brainer” for their branding.

Prescribe Practice Management’s core service offering centres around providing excellent practice management to clinicians in varying stages of their practice journey. Our relationship with clients is based on trust, accountability, transparency and flexibility. Our vision is to create, grow and sustain stress-free practices with the patient’s care and journey a primary focus.

The client who listed the domain with us is very happy!

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