Want To Try Before You Buy?

Have you seen a great domain name but for whatever reason you are hesitant to commit?

It could be a money issue; timing; or something just as simple as wondering if your idea will work!

We have a very user-friendly option for you that takes all the risk out of the decision-making.

Try before you buy

For a limited time, you can try one of our domain names for 100 days at an upfront cost of just $100. **

We have nearly 10,000 names to choose from!

  • Let us know what domain or domains you are interested in.
  • We lock in an agreed price upfront, so if your trial period works out well, you have certainty.
  • We send you an invoice for the $100.
  • You advise us which nameservers you would like to use, and we’ll put them in place for you.
  • You start doing your thing of trying before you buy!
  • We will send you an email at around 90 days asking if you wish to proceed with an ultimate purchase or not.
  • If not, we’ll change the nameservers back to our control, and you have no further obligation.
  • If yes, we’ll send you an invoice for the agreed price.

** N.B. Please note all “try before you buy” agreements are subject to our approval.

If this sounds like it might appeal, please hit the buttons below!