We’re Excited! Client Auctions Start Today at Jackpot.au

It has been a long time coming, but today marks the start of weekly client auctions at Jackpot.

Beginning is winning!

Thank you to everyone who submitted domains for consideration. Your participation has made this possible.

These client offerings will run for 7 days – Wednesday to Wednesday.

Please click the button below to check out our initial 32 listings from seven different clients. In my opinion, there are some absolutely brilliant domains there.

Bids start at just $50 – but unlike our own no-reserve weekly domains that run Friday to Friday, these domains all have reserve prices. In my opinion, the reserves set are very reasonable. We wouldn’t have taken the listings if we didn’t believe so.

To summarise the Jackpot offerings

1. 36 x no-reserve auctions from our own portfolio are run from Friday to Friday.

2. 32 x client domains on auction from Wednesday to Wednesday. Reasonable reserve prices.

Both auctions close at 11:15 am on Wednesday or Friday respectively.

Check out the Auctions

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