What’s New at Profit?

Whilst we have been very quiet on the article front lately (my fault), our small team has been very busy in the background.

Two of the new features we are very excited about are our premium landing pages complete with short teaser videos. These are being rolled out gradually for some of our premium listings.

They tick all the following boxes:

  • Visually superior to ordinary parking pages, they are designed to captivate and engage.
  • auDA compliant with appropriate monetisation.
  • Each lander has a unique logo and an attention-grabbing individualised video.
  • Relevant SEO-enhanced text body relating to the domain name.
  • We encourage visitors to take action by clicking on banners.
  • To maximize exposure, our videos are shared across various social media platforms.

These new landers and individual videos are going to be a game-changer in my opinion. We’ve already started getting deals because of them!

A big thumbs up to the newest member of our team – Justin. He is marvellously talented!

Example 1 – client domain name

(Click on the link or image to get a full-sized view)



Example 2 – one of our domains

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