When is a .net.au Domain Name Worth $$$$?

There is an interesting domain up for sale on the Jackpot auctions at the moment.

That domain is Bali.net.au.

Normally I wouldn’t bother putting up net.au domains, but, in special circumstances, there is definitely a market for them.

Why is Bali.net.au reasonably valuable?

For a start, “Bali” is a much-favoured tourist destination for Aussies. Just put the name into Google if you need to see the monetisation potential!

Secondly, it also holds the joint priority rights to the new .au (along with the com.au holder).

How could this play out?

  • If the com.au holder purchased this, then they would have immediate rights to Bali.au (which is definitely worth 4 figures in its own right in my opinion).
  • If somebody else purchased the net.au, they could develop their own site with it – plus get the joint priority rights transferred to them. Who knows what happens then?

Sales evidence

Two weeks ago we sold Backpackers.net.au here on Profit. The buyer paid the “Buy Now” price (reasonable 4 figures), and was happy to do so. Why? Exactly the same scenario as Bali.net.au – they had Backpackers.com.au. So with the acquisition of the net.au, they got the .au immediately.

Smart thinking indeed!

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