When You Are Not a Motivated Seller!

There are thousands of domain names for sale on our Profit marketplace.

Whilst we have a lot of client domains for sale, many of them are ours.

Everything we have is for sale, but there are some that I am particularly attached to.

When this happens, the way we treat them is to price them at what would be full retail price – in other words, if someone buys it, we can’t be too unhappy.


This domain fits squarely into the above category.

I live in Townsville, and I have had my real estate license for many years (though I don’t work in the industry any more).

So this domain was an important acquisition for me quite some time ago.

Last week, we got a notification from Afternic (one of our sales partners) that the domain had sold for full asking price – and as an added bonus, the price was in USD.

We wish the buyer great online success – you can’t get a better name if you are selling real estate in Townsville!

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