When You Receive a Letter From a Law Firm ….

Over the years, I’ve had a few communications from law firms about domain names or blog articles I have written.

It’s only natural that my first reaction is an increased blood pressure!

One of the many things that I am proud of over my long domain investing career is that I have never lost a domain name to a complaint (not that I get that many). Nor have I ever been sued for defamation (plenty of “concern notices” though). More on these topics at a later time.

There are positive letters though!

My most recent legal letter was a nice one.

It was an enquiry on behalf of a client about a 3-letter domain name. The law firm had got the contact details from the official WhoIs.

What made it even nicer was that it was about one of the new .au domains – PFB.au. The enquiry was on behalf of Heritage and People’s Choice Limited (a bank merger).

There were no threats or “puff and bluster” – just a simple request for a price.

I directed them to a link on the Profit marketplace, and within a few days, the order was placed.

Congratulations to the buyer – and thank you to Thomson Geer for such a positive approach. “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”!

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