Interest-Free Payment Plans

Payment plans with a 0% financing cost.

Have you seen a domain name on Profit that you’d love to have – but the upfront cost is holding you back?

We understand that in this day and age cash-flow is important. Also that not everyone can pay for a domain name up-front.

Payment plans allow you to start using the domain right away while paying off the balance over time.

To make it even more attractive, all our payment plans are interest free*.

How to initiate a payment plan request

Every domain that’s listed on our site has a button entitled “Payment Plan Options“.

Simply click the button, and make your request. We’ll be in touch ASAP.

*Please note that all payment plan requests are subject to our approval.


Can I use the domain name immediately?

Yes! Our team will assist you in making any changes to the domain settings so that you can begin using the domain right away. For example, you can launch your website or setup email addresses for yourself and your team while the payment plan is in progress.

The domain stays at our registrar until all payments have been made. We will then effect a Change of Registrant into your name, and you are free to transfer the domain out to your own registrar.

You can cancel the payment plan at any time by contacting us via email. In that case, we will no longer bill you for future payments. Any previous installments that were already paid are not refundable, and the domain will not be transferred to you.

We automatically bill you on the due date of your monthly instalment. If, for some reason, we are unable to bill your credit card, you will have the option to change your credit card or send us payment via bank transfer. We offer a grace period of 5 days for you to make a payment. If we still do not receive your payment at the end of the 5 day grace period, the payment plan will be cancelled, and the domain will remain with us. All previous payments made are non-refundable. Any nameserver changes that had been made will be reversed.