“O” What a Feeling – OGC.com.au Sells to WA Builder

With apologies to that famous jingle, but this was the perfect heading for this article!

In recent times we have sold so many 3-letter domain names, and, as coincidence would have it, many of them start with the letter “O”. e.g. OGC, OVA, OVI.

Others have the letter “O” either second or third.

The other coincidence is that the last three sales have been to West Australian businesses.


We thank and congratulate OGC Pty Ltd on their acquisition.

The initialism stands for “Obeid Group Constructions”, and they currently use Obeid-Group.com.au as their URL.

This short domain is going to make life so easy for the company and their branding – particularly when it comes to being found online (hyphens can be difficult).

And what wonderful email addresses they will have!

As always, we wish them great online success.

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