The Power of an Exact Match Domain Name

Exact Match Domain Names, often called EMDs, are domain names that include a full or partial keyword relevant to the content, products, or services offered on the website. e.g. CarSales com au, RealEstate com au. and Insurance com au.

A good EMD can improve a website’s visibility and recognition and help it rank for specific keywords or phrases on search engines. However, their effectiveness largely depends on how they are used and the overall quality of the website they are associated with.

Another happy client at

Last week, one of our clients was Wilson Chen from WeLifeInsure. Wilson is based in Melbourne, and what a switched-on young man he is!

He submitted an offer online for and We had a good chat, and a deal was done. The payment was made the same day, and the domains were immediately transferred to his registrar of choice.

Both domains have already been forwarded to his main site.

Thanks Wilson – and best wishes for your online success.

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