Wealthier.com.au Wants a New Home

The Premium Domain Name Wealthier.com.au is Ready for Action

One of our clients has decided to sell this fantastic domain. It has incredible possibilities in the right hands.

The great news for potential buyers is that it has been priced to sell quickly. Check out the new listing on Profit.com.au

Relevant Comparative Sales Evidence

I sold the domain name Wealth.com.au around ten years ago for what I thought was a bargain 5-figure sum (as always, the price left something in it for the buyer).

That same person still has that domain today and has told me he has declined many offers – including a couple in the six-figure range.

This makes Wealthier.com.au an absolute bargain (in my opinion).

 Who Could Use This Premium Domain?

The list is long – but here are some suggestions.

  • Superannuation Funds: Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year by super funds, highlighting how their particular funds make their clients financially better off. What a perfect domain name Wealthier.com.au would be!
  • Banks and other financial institutions: These entities could use the domain to provide information about their wealth management services, investment opportunities, or financial planning advice.
  • Businesses offering financial advisory services could also find this domain name helpful. It could serve as a platform for them to showcase their expertise in wealth creation, asset management, retirement planning, tax planning, and other related services.
  • Online platforms that provide financial education could use wealthier.com.au. They could offer courses, webinars, or resources that help individuals understand how to manage their finances, invest wisely, and become wealthier.
  • Authors, bloggers or influencers specialising in personal finance or wealth management could utilise wealthier.com.au. They could share tips, strategies, and personal stories to inspire and guide their followers on their journey to becoming wealthier.

Buy Now or Make an Offer

Once sold, this premium domain will probably be off the market forever.

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