ExpiredDomains.com.au Has Gone to a Good Home!

Yesterday we sold the premium domain name ExpiredDomains.com.au to Robert Kaay from Assets Australia.

I’ve known Rob for a long time, and consider him a friend. He reminded me yesterday that we first talked on the phone around 15 years ago. We have also met in person on many occasions since. That’s why I gave him a very friendly price!

His new acquisition is already resolving to one of his amazing projects: Backorder.com.au.

Rob has told me that one day he hopes to be able to see another auDA approved competitive drop catching service. His sentiments are shared by many.

Come on auDA – get your act together!

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the regulator continues to support a “drop-catching” monopoly.

In no other industry in Australia would this be allowed to happen.

In my opinion, the auDA Board should be encouraging the outgoing auDA CEO Rosemary Sinclair and her senior staff to encourage new registrar applications. i.e. find a way to make it happen rather than look for reasons not to.

Check out this article Rob Kaay wrote about the situation.

In this day and age, how anti-competitive is that!

Competition is good for the consumer. Interestingly, one of the objects of auDA’s Licensing Rules is to promote “consumer protection, fair trading and competition”.

That’s simply not happening.


The shorter .au version of expireddomains.com.au is registered to Trillion.com Pty Ltd and forwards to the drop-catching monopoly they are associated with.