Monetising Unused Domain Names

As the title implies, this article is about unused domain names. We’re not referring to domain names that may already be in use.

There are hundreds of thousands of domains in Australia in the “unused category”. They do nothing. And as long as the registrants just continue to renew their domain names each year, they will probably continue to do nothing.

The Best Way to Make Money

I remember meeting the legendary domain investor Frank Schilling at the NamesCon Conference in Las Vegas in 2016. He gave a great keynote speech and was very generous with his time in answering questions.

The following month, he and Heather Pierre from Uniregistry had a lightning “meet and greet” visit to Australia. This followed the accreditation of Uniregistry as an Australian (au) registrar.

In Brisbane, they hosted a small dinner at the Pony Restaurant on Eagle Pier. What a fantastic opportunity to talk one-on-one with domain royalty!

For those not aware, Frank owned hundreds of thousands of dot com domains (and then gTLDs), and he started Uniregistry based in the Cayman Islands. This was a fantastic registrar which he and his team initially designed to cater for his own domains. Once he got it “perfect”, he then offered it to other domain investors. Speaking from personal experience, it was brilliant.

Fast forward to 2020, and it was announced that GoDaddy had purchased Uniregistry and all of Frank’s domains for around USD 197 million! Wow!

I digress – so back to the best way to monetize your domains. Frank Schilling famously said – and I’m slightly paraphrasing here :

“The best way to monetise your domains is to sell them!”

That statement resonated with me then, and it still does to this day.

Think about it!

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Other Monetisation Methods

There are plenty of these, and we’ll cover them in another article.

e.g. Parking platforms, affiliate marketing, joint ventures etc..


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