A Couple of “Sexy” Domain Sales!

Most of the nearly 10,000 domain listings on Profit.com.au are held by around 8 entities.

We have also extended invitations to a few others to list some of their domains with us. Our criteria is fairly strict though – we believe all listings must “leave something in it for the buyer”.

So it’s always wonderful when we sell a domain or two for clients who have listed some of their domains.

Generally that means that both clients end up happy – the seller gets a fair price – and the buyer goes away smiling as well.

One such sale was completed in the last 48 hours. Sexy.com.au and Sexy.au were acquired by one of our previous clients. The seller was Mark S from Hyro.Digital. Price is confidential, but we can say it was 5 figures for the pair.

The domains were sold on Monday; payment by buyer was made same day; the change of registrant was completed yesterday morning via our Synergy Wholesale account; payment was made to the seller late morning.

Congratulations to both parties – and thank you!


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