Can Overseas Parties Acquire .AU Domains? Yes!!

Over the years, I have helped many overseas based entities and people acquire domains. These are generally higher value domain names that help with their overall branding and positioning.

This has been done by making application for a trademark with IP Australia. The cost on doing so is less than $1000 – and given a trademark lasts for 10 years, it is not bad value.

Prior to the “new auDA rules”, a pending TM could be used to register any number of domains. The new rules crack down on this, and now state that a pending TM must exactly match the domain name in question.

A recent example

Lance Sonka from Housing Market LLC (based in Texas, USA) purchased on Profit, but under the rules, they weren’t initially eligible. So we “stepped up to the plate” and assisted them become eligible by making a TM application on their behalf.

Big thanks to Nicole Murdoch from Eaglegate Lawyers who put it all together quickly and economically – and to my son Luke who did the stylized logo.

And also a shout out to Angelo and the team from Synergy Wholesale who manually approved the Change of Registrant process.

Lance was so happy with our service that he provided us with the following testimonial:

Not knowing all the rules and regulations involving non-Australians, the team at Profit assisted me in applying for a trademark that would satisfy the legal requirements of the Australian regulator.

Everything was completed quickly and professionally – and at a surprisingly low cost.

It has been a pleasure to deal with them, and I am happy to recommend their services to anyone based overseas.

Lance Sonka – Housing Market LLC

Can we help you?

If you are based overseas and would like to acquire a premium Aussie domain name, we can assist.

Please contact us in absolute confidence.